Dolphine1313 Hates soggy pancakes.

Find a minimum of 43 ways to enjoy being 51. Because right now its a challenge (read all 3 entries…)
Outside of the obvious of being alive and fairly mobile...

1. I appreciate all types of music and the way it brings out emotions in people. Classical, rock, rap, country, world music, dance music etc etc music defines us as human.

2. At 51, I’m not as judgemental. I still have my foot in the mouth moments; but overall, it is wasted energy. I prefer to work on the positive aspects of the moment.

3. I enjoy being with my grandchildren. I appreciate the fact that I can return them to their parents. Ahh the peace and quiet. And then I realize two things: 1. That my children have turned out alright. 2. My childrearing days are over. I’m done.


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