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keep in better touch with friends & family (read all 2 entries…)

Struggling with this very much. I left high school early and went to a jc. Now it send that had left me permanently out of the loop. I tried joining facebook, reconnecting, and even messaging people. I was added, accepted by some whatever you call it, but I noticed I am completely out of the circle I was once in. I comment, follow up with them, but never get replies or tangible conversation. I understand we are in college but I wonder if it is normal to be the only one putting out effort? They have changed so much too, mostly interested in drinking and pop culture. It so far feels very unrewarding and is very depressing. I have some other friends but one is dying and the others are just as busy as I am, making funding time together difficult. Family, I am doing better with in this regard but I.dont know… I am wondering if I should give them a year after they graduate to settle down or find time? Very strange to feel so isolated.



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