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Something to remember...

This anxiety/depression/irritability …I have felt it all before, several times. It passes. Whether it lasts for hours or days or weeks – it does eventually pass. Even remembered only 2 weeks ago, the first week of my LearnDirect course, I felt fine then. So I’ve only felt like this for 2 weeks, just got to see it through. Everytime I go through this it makes me stronger, because it encourages me to be strong and carry on despite how I feel, and know that everything will resume as normal in due course; it is going to be okay.


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You're gonna be fine :)

When I’m anxious/depressed I always try to remember that the feeling will pass and try to focus on the moments I felt fine…the best thing is try to distract yourself and keep busy doing things that can make you feel more comfortable until you naturally feel better again…You’re gonna be fine :) Good luck!

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