DamiTrice Happy Year of the Horse!

run 3 miles in 30 minutes or less (read all 53 entries…)
5/1*5 tuesday

aiming for Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday this week and then next week starting on the Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Saturday for 4 times a week.

Doing okay. Still going.
Almost didn’t go yesterday because I got up so much later than I had intended, but was glad I went in the end.
Every time I start up again I feel embarrassed about being out there when I’m so out of shape. Once I’ve been going for a while I’m so focused on the run itself that I don’t think about the other. So just keep going and stop worriting about it so much!

oh, and no longer walk breaks this time, so improvement over last week. oh, and (suddenly positives are coming to mind) felt toward the end that I was actually getting my form a bit under control again. sometimes I have trouble connecting my brain w/my body in an intentional way that helps me correct the issues I notice, but it was sort of working yesterday.


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