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Oh happy day

- I have accomplished a lot of work today. I breezed through a bunch of work in the morning and was able to go to my meeting on time (because my client is late too).

- So the stock market was down and I have some paper losses. I’m grateful to have gone through the double dip in October that it made me learn how to manage losses better… and the losses did not felt as bad as back then.

- I was able to help my brother invest in a mutual fund account. He’s lucky to have been able to enter at a bearish rate (hence, it’s cheaper).

- For the reminder that I need to give back. I still have that promise to give donation to a hospital. (I might work on this tomorrow)

- I’m happy to have talked to my parents and brother tonight. I’m grateful for my family.

- I am also grateful for the take-home food for my dogs. I know I spoiled them that they don’t like to eat their dog food anymore. Haha.

- I am grateful for my plants: the new morning glory plants that sprouted from the seed, the small barrel cactus that finally bloomed (it’s scarlet!).

- Grateful for the cookies that I’ve been munching tonight.

- ... for the new lamp I bought.

- I’m also grateful for our old clients who went back to us (side story: she’s pregnant and she’s praying that I’ll get pregnant too soon). :-)

- I am also happy to have accomplished something difficult at work. I hope tomorrow will be the breakthrough.

- I am grateful to have realized earlier that being busy is good. It makes my mind sharp too.

- I am also grateful that my husband’s shop has been finally put up. He’ll be busy for work now (he used to be home most of the time). I’ll miss him though but it’s also good for him and his career. I’ll do my best to help him whenever I can.


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