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BarbaryBlue Don't mistake kindness for weakness

build a studio (read all 2 entries…)
I have been broke...

so I haven’t really gotten around to this. I moved things around so I can paint in my bedroom. I made a workspace by cutting down the closet door and using the dog’s crate and my nightstand as legs. I shoved my smaller “craft” desk into my closet (i share my daughter’s closet for hanging clothes) and then moved in my art cabinet. It sounds like it would be cluttered but I pushed my bed up against one wall and really there is plenty of space. I have a folding table that I can open up for really big projects or sewing. It’s working for the moment…but a “real” studio is still percolating.


inner guru Hitch your wagon to a star – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Great beginning:)

Starting with what you have, from where you are is a micro-movement forward! Been there.
I know how tough it can be to have no studio space. Now you’re on your wayyyy:))

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