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Aary the Fairy (read all 29 entries…)
It's a sign!

Aaralyn and I have been working on her sign language. The book I’ve got says 6 months is a good time to teach them baby signs, and she’s already got a sign for Goob (I’m still hoping her first spoken word will be “Momma”. I can’t believe Goob got top billing!), and I’m just dying to know what she’s got going on in her head sometimes, so I thought it’d be fun, especially since my friend, Jenna and her little girl are going to learn with us.

Fun isn’t even the word. I have no idea what is wrong with this child. We were sitting on our blanket on the living room floor this morning, having a snack. She had a little bowl of cheerios to nibble on, and I was sneaking M&Ms. The one sign she’s got down pat, no trouble, knew it practically before I taught it was the sign for “more”. I made her laugh a couple times, throwing an M&M in the air and catching it in my mouth (if that was an Olympic sport, I’d be wearing a bunch of medals right now), and when i did, she saw where I was sneaking them from.
Now, Nick is a giant sucker for Aars, so she’s tasted candy before. All she has to do is look at a candy jar, and Nick will give her something. Sucker sucker sucker. Well, she had a Cheerio in her mouth, and started to doing “more”. I hadn’t noticed her catching sight of the M&M bowl, so I thought she wanted more cereal. I put one O in each hand, like she likes, and then clapped, to show her she’d got more when she signed for it. But nope. She did aggravated eyebrows at me, opened her chubby little hands so the cereal fell out, and “MORE!!”, pounded those little fingers together. So I did it again. Made the sign, told her, “More”, and handed her two more Cheerios. Again with the thrown cereal, angry eyebrows, and “MORE!!!”.
Well. I thought maybe she was just being independent (like babies do), and wanting to get the Cheerios for herself, instead of having me hand them to her. So I pushed her Cheerio cup a little closer to her, and turned to Jenna, to see if she agreed. Aubrey was laying down, blowing spit bubbles up at Jenna, so I leaned over and gave her a quick tickle, because she’s got a hilarious laugh, and in the THREE SECONDS my attention was diverted, Aary made her move.
She’s a sneaky baby, and a lightning-fast crawler when it suits her, so by the time my brain had registered that she wasn’t still sitting in front of her Cheerios cup, she’s behind me, chipmunk cheeks filled with M&Ms, and still more candies sticking to her slobbery fists, grinning like the Cheshire Cat, still signing “MORE”!!!

I cleaned them off her hands, helped her to spit out most of the ones she’s packed into her cheeks, and all in all, I think she only got two or three eaten. But gosh, the grin on her face when she crunched them open… She totally knew she had won. No more candy bowls on the floor!!!

She turned 6 months old last Thursday… Isn’t she grown up and beautiful in yellow?


Oh my goodness!

This is a GREAT story!!

Thank you!

She’s a nutball, that’s for sure. ; )

(This comment was deleted.)

JWillow HaPpY EaSTeR EvErYONe! :-)


She is SOoooooooo adorable :-)

you must tell her this story when she gets older! lol

Thank you!

I cannot get over how fast time is passing. She’s already 7 months old!

Oh, I’ve got a whole arsenal of stories to tell, I’m already working on her wedding toast. ; ) haha.

Rara Apis (I be The Bee, ie, BQ, in da 43 'hood since Aug.2006

She is an

absolute doll.

Thank you : )

She can be a real stinker sometimes, but you’d never know it looking at her. ; ) Hahaha

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