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gossipgirlxoxo had so much fun at semi last night ♥.

love my roommates (read all 5 entries…)
What I want to Improve
  • Be less awkward*
    - awkward kitchen moments
    - awkward morning moments
    - about sharing stuff (ie. food, money stuff, etc.)
    - be able to talk to them about more
  • Change their opinions of me*
    - I feel like they think I’m always sad/upset… I want them to see the other side of me.. the fun and happy side.
    - laugh more!
  • Do more things together*
    - going out together more (now that all of us finally legal)
    - a designated roommate dinner night
    - working out
    - cooking and grocery shopping ?
    - decorate the house together
    - shopping ! .. we barely did that last semester :/
    - hang out in each other’s rooms even if it’s just to study instead of hanging out by ourselves all day aside from being in the kitchen
  • Do nicer things for each other*
    - pick up a coffee on the way home
    - make extras for dinner and offer
    - download a movie we all want to see
    - offer to do her chore if she can’t that week
  • Look less slobbish around the house*
    - do my chores on time
    - not pile my clothes everywhere
    - complain less (about school work, drama, friends, etc.)



I want to:
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