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Pancemaster (╯°□°)╯​︵ ┻━┻

decide on a major (read all 9 entries…)

I’m taking the semester off to look for work and make changes to my academic goals. I’m re-assessing my career path and personal goals as well.

And… I’m reading “What Color is your Parachute (For teens)”. For teens version, because quite frankly, it seems more on par for my goals and age (I’m 20 and haven’t had my first job yet).

It’s pretty interesting. I just can’t let myself get distracted from reading and absorbing the information!


Holly is not doing so good on getting things done!

What you love

Do what you love! Honestly, it might be the stupidest degree in the world but if you are interested in it and have a passion for it, you will find a way to use it in your career.

I studied, for example, advanced English grammar. Does the world need more grammarians? Can I even spell some days? No.

But because I enjoyed it so much I went overseas and taught English. A year after I graduated I got a position at a big university teaching…. you guessed it, Advanced English Grammar!

Train companies are starting to worry that all their train engineers are retiring—there will be jobs, if you have the education and passion! Good luck!


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