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NEVER have children (read all 13 entries…)
Rick Santorum wants to provide incentives for making babies, and thinks contraception is harmful to women.



For you TL;DR type folks, essentially Santorum wants to triple the dependent child exemption currently available in the tax code. He is also vehemently opposed to contraception, and feels that it’s one of the greatest evils in our country right now.

Really? REALLY?

Forgive me for stepping up on my political high horse here, which I rarely do on 43T. But this shiz is smacking dangerously of medieval-era social engineering – the “true believers” keep popping out babies, who will presumably be raised the believe the same things, and will then go on to comprise a percentage of the voting block and eventually become taxpayers. If you can’t convert ‘em, make ‘em yourself. Never mind that most of those babies won’t ever benefit from the massive, massive tax cuts that the man is proposing for the top-grossing percentage of the US population.

Completely aside from the fact that this nonsense really doesn’t jibe with GOP talking points (whatever happened to small government, and keeping the government out of the private lives of citizens? I don’t think you can get more private than interfering with reproductive rights), this one really makes me raise my eyebrows. Religious zealots OF ANY STRIPE have no place in the White House, period.

/end Ranty McRantingness


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