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improve my english

I don’t usually practice English when I’m outside school in fact I just practice English when I’m at school. When I’m chatting with my friends I sometimes put words in English just because, they make I too it kind of makes the whole conversation more funny. I also write in English when I’m playing games. In my opinion I think my grammar is good enough to understand I can express my point of view, I can explain and i can discuss without any problem. When it comes to listening to the English language I mostly hear it in my music taste. I don’t have any specific genre of music I like them all. Music is a big part of my daily life I always wear my iPod headphones listening to music. When I’m home i sometimes like to search the lyrics to some rap music to understand what they say because most of the artist uses slang so it’s quite hard sometimes. Another way to listen to English is to watch YouTube clips which I do from time to time. These are some examples of practicing my English without thinking “ok I’m going to learn some English now”. Reading is not a big part of my life so with that said I can say I don’t read much but I think I read almost as much as write in English. I love talking in English because everything sounds much cooler than in Swedish which is my main language but for some reason I suck at talking in English when it has to be serious for example when talking in class. I think it has something to do with being comfortable. :)


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I would say that you clearly show that you practise your English outside school. Could you do it even more than you do now? Getting nervous is a part of the process of improval. Don’t worry you don’t have anything to be nervous about! :-)

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