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♥♥ Rissa ♥♥ The incredible shrinking me.

lose 100 pounds (read all 103 entries…)
First 1/4 down!!

So, I must have scared the plateau off because the scale moved today, and I have officially lost 25 lbs!
That is such an incredible feeling, and I’ve got the greatest reward I could possibly hope for; today I can see it and feel it, that doesn’t always happen.
To the 75 lbs that remain for this goal: Watch out, because you’re next!

Starting weight: 277
Current weight 252
Current mini-goal: 248
Overall goal for the year: 209
Total lost: 25
-100 lbs goal weight: 177
UGW: 140-145



I am proud of your 25lbs. mark!!! Each pound was 3500 calories….times(x) 25 lbs. =87,500 calories …...that’s 79 days of 1100 calories a day…..that’s almost a quarter of a year(365)....that’s truly amazing!!!!! You are 87,000 calories down towards your goal…...you go girl!!!! Each pound you loose, is one more pound that you controlled with your lips….a moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips….keep up the good work:)

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