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Live Life At The Fullest

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Live Life To The Fullest

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Live life to the fullest

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Ken Karasawa getting back on 43 things!

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double black diamond - survived!

wow… today was amazing. my FIRST EVER time doing double black diamond trail. this was my 3rd time skiing in my life! it was CRAZY!!

so i had never ever gone to Crystal Mountains to do a real trail before. i had done like a bunny hill and that was it. that was my very first time at Crystal Mountains skiing & i was taking a 4 hour lesson. but today…. i hit all 4 types of trails – green, blue, black diamond, and double black diamond. and at the end of the day, i decided to do a double black diamond trail that has part 1 as black diamond and part 2 as double black diamond and part 3 was back to black diamond. yikes, it was scary.

part 1: black diamond. i started off doing semi okay because i was just making huge wide turns that spanned the entire basin. i just simply didn’t know how else to get down the damn hill because it started off as like a 45 degree incline. i also tried to stick my pole to slow my speed down, but i just couldn’t help it because of the fact that since it was powder day, i was forced to follow along with the other peoples’ previous trails (otherwise i could end up being stuck knee deep in snow). Needless to say, i fell a ton of times because i was trying to keep the same trail as the pros that actually knew what the heck they were doing. the snow was also just scary at this point. a few times, i had to stop and i just got stuck. i had to lift my foot way up in the air to get it out of the knee-deep snow. but somehow, by miracle, i made it to:

part 2: this was just insane. now i know why people post signs that say “expert only”. there were so many damn trees around and if you slip for just 1 extra second, you can hit a tree going over 30 mph. i heard there were also ponds and cliffs that you can freeze/die from. what’s messed up is that at one point, there was ONLY 1 opening that was 10 meters wide, going down a 60 degrees inclincation. so needless to say, you had to know what the hell you were doing. if you weren’t super good with controlling your precision, you would definitely hit a tree. at this point i kind of just gave up mentally and physically. i would start falling more often because it was easier to fall than to actually steer my skis. i was just so exhausted, i was actually wondering if i was going to die. 1 small mistake and i could end up blazing through a forest. i was so sick of skiing down this thing… my pants were frozen, my leg muscles were so sore, and at one point, i remember trying to sit still but i couldn’t even sit still because i still kept sliding down EVEN WHEN I WAS SITTING. it was just so scary, knowing that i couldn’t stop no matter what i did

part 3: i didn’t even know when the double black diamond part was over, really.. i mean i guess towards the end i saw less trees, but still… this was just… insane… and at the end (as if it wasn’t hard enough already) there was a cliff that lead on to the street (so you had to do a sharp stop if you were going fast)

but wow… i can’t believe… i just finished a double black diamond trail… and i didn’t die… or injury myself badly… just wow… that was amazing… i definitely felt like i had lived a piece of my life today to the fullest when i was up there in the mountain…

P.S. needless to say, finishing the double black diamond trail ment my body was all sore and i was just so exhausted. at this point, i had missed my bus – the only transportation i had to go back to the city (2 hours away)... i had to fucking hitch hike all the way back to Seattle… though it turned out okay because i finally found someone who actually drove me back (she was headed the same way and was actually willing to take me). it was a cool 2 hour drive back to town. i even got her phone number. she’s a really nice and sweet blonde. i guess this whole hitch hiking experience was just too new to me. i was super dazzled someone would be so kind and trusting.


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