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Amy A Has a Good Life...savagely irratic, but good nontheless

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Movies 55..-58

55. The Hangover II – I don’t know why I watched this. It was ok, a few laugh out loud moments.

56. Predators – interesting idea…but definitely time to let this franchise go…maybe just me though…

57. Milk – made me cry…and think.

58. The Joneses – okay…interesting idea that seems plausable…and a little frightening. Stereotypical ending, I think maybe I don’t really enjoy Demi Moore either (as an actress).


Todd Schoonover is rehashing old avatars


I actually haven’t seen this film yet. I had studied the incident back in high school honors program, and have seen some documentaries on it. I should add this to my Netflix.


I thought it was excellent

and infuriating (the story, not the movie)!

Amy A Has a Good Life...savagely irratic, but good nontheless

I would definitely

recommend it. It was very moving and interesting. I wasn’t terribily familiar with Harvey Milk prior to checking this out at the LIbrary, but was very impressed with it.

There was a section at the end where the real people portrayed in the film where shown and there was some additonal commentary that was interesting as well.

:-) A.

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