find at least one thing each day that makes me happy and record it everyday for a year (read all 55 entries…)
Days 166-168

Day 166:

-Contributing a lot to the meeting :)
-Seeing my first social stories that I wrote for the kiddo printed and ready to be used for therapy!
-Got my second replacement phone activated, and this one seems to actually hold a charge! No more phone issues for a while, I hope!
-My love telling me how much everyone at his work loved the cupcakes.

Day 167:

-No one being around when I got out of the truck and fell on black ice. Hurt my elbow, but it could have been worse!
-Tracking down my husband for lunch. So funny when he came out, and I shouted his name, and he looked at me all surprised.
-Going with him and his co-worker to a tiny gyro shop. Never tried one! It was pretty good, but the fries were freakin’ a-MA-zing!
-Bright blue sky.
-Fresh air.
-Work going very well, and making math more interesting for my Angry Birds-loving kiddo by turning it into an Angry Birds game!
-Playing the Tomb Raider arcade game with my love :)
-Unexpectedly fun evening :) Went to the store and got a few things we needed (some food, a birthday card & gift for my youngest sister), and a movie. Then we found a Sonic racing game that was a lot like Mario Kart really cheap, so we bought that and played while we enjoyed boneless BBQ wings.
-Watched the movie I always thought would be super blasphemous, and while it had its moments, it had a good message. Nice to have my perspective changed.

Day 168:

My husband’s alarm didn’t go off, and his boss was at the place alone since everyone else was out, so he didn’t have to go in. A little concerned at first, but then…
-I changed my outlook. I have been doing better at worrying less and having more faith, but today I actively chose to give my worry to God. Whatever happens, happens. Whatever does happen is in God’s plan, and whatever we go through is meant to perfect us, not break us.
-Enjoying my unexpected morning with my love before I had to leave for work.
-Finishing getting the stuff off my old phone so I can send it back (believe me, that was no easy feat).
-Returning it and then going to Target to kill some time before work. Spent $4, and got a cute little flower pot that you grow daisies in, a coupon folder, and a couple of fun things for my toy bag that I think my kiddos will enjoy.
-Getting done with work an hour before I usually do, and then I stepped on a tack…Fortunately it wasn’t that bad, but definitely not my happiest moment.
-Great evening with my love :) We ate Lunchables like we were in elementary school, made some chocolate pudding, and watched “Crazy, Stupid, Love” (liked it until the graduation scene)! Great way to greet the weekend :)



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