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Plant 50 carrots, 50 leeks, 20 kales, 30 tomatoes, 10 broccolli, oregano, cilantro, sage and dill before 2013
Started planting again, yey!

Ok, as of february. I’m experiencing the most spectacular summer, although more dry than I need for planting and growing my vegetable garden, but I’ve been watering my seeds everyday, since the 15th.

I planted 30 carrots, dill (in a pot), tomato (like 10), lettuce (a lot, they’re germinating), there’s cilantro growing, it needs to be thinned out. I already have an oregano and no broccolli for the meantime.

I do plan on planting some leeks. Maybe I should keep a record of this…

My next venture is tree tomato, I already saved the space for him, I’m so happy to have a fruit forrest as well.

Next up, some pictures!


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