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Online application ..

I’ve been abit lacks in my job search so today went on to the job centre’s website .. looking through the different adverts i found one which says apply via the link .. clicking on the link i start filling out the boxes clicking next at every step .. after some thought i write out why i think i could do the advertised job and click next .. sorry session timed out .. what .. i click back no .. wheres it gone .. okay deep breaths .. i find myself on their website and find the advert .. okay try again .. passed the why i would be good for this job mark it goes into .. please fill out the following sections before we submit your application .. section one .. share contact info .. okay done next .. session timed out …...... Grrrrrrrr .. now i’ve an email .. thank you for registering with our website we look forward to receiving your application .. throws hands up in frustration and comes on 43t ..


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