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Correct my posture (read all 40 entries…)
This is my progess

after a year. The yellow line is where the spine should be, the blue line is where I am and the green is just a point of reference.

The left photo is the before shot and the one on the right is the after one.

Just noting that I’m a little sensitive about sharing these :)


Amazing progress

This is incredible to see Butterfly. Thanks so much for sharing. You’ve made such brilliant progress in what really is a short time.

Can you feel the difference?

Thank you!

I was a little surprised at how far I’d come to be honest, even though I could and still can feel a difference.

See how on the left one (blue line) it’s all kind of stacked on top of one another? I could feel that sometimes, it was quite painful, an internal twist sort of. Don’t have that anymore! I also feel that I am less irritable than I used to be, which is a definite plus. And I feel more confident in dresses which show a little of my back :)

No wonder

You felt irritable with that twist & pain there. I’m so glad for you that at least, has diminished. Gld too that your confidence has grown.
Hoping things get even better for you!

PasadenaSue "Everything you do does matter to someone else"

Wow, that is AMAZING Progress!

You and your Chiro did some seriously good work on your spine to get that much correction. You have to feel healthier now that your spine has a more natural curve and less twist. It must be very noticeable for you in how you move. Congrats on the progress!

Thanks so much,

the best thing is that I’ve since started seeing a different chiropractor and I feel a thousand times better seeing him than I did with the last one. I certainly feel healthier, my spine has even less of a twist and a much more natural curve now. My hips are also now into alignment and I don’t get headaches from neck pain that I used to.

I do have x-rays from this year, but I don’t know if they’d show up well if I took a photo?

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