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improve my english
Improving my English

For as long as i can remember my English has always been terrible. I often have problems with my spelling and grammar. The most embarrassing thing is that i am indeed English. I was born and lived in the UK my whole life. The voice in my head is currently speaking in English.

I don’t know why i have this problem. I always jumble up my words and bugger up my grammar whenever i type anything. When i re read what i wrote i know there’s something wrong but for the life of me i can’t see it. A lot of people correct me on my grammar. I have a lot of foreign friends who ask me to correct them on the English grammar in their essays. How am i meant to help them with their English if my one was terrible.

A lot of the time my difficulty with English absolutely destroys my confidence when I want to write something. this time i deliberately didn’t check this entry for mistakes so you can see how poor my English really is


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