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Improver lesson

I was very tired yesterday so didn’t bother to post.
The lesson went really quite well I still don’t think I’m actually very good to be honest, still going too fast almost, too aggressive but I still other people just skiing parallel and just sort of popping their heels out to control.
Anyway we started off on the main slope but on the bottom quarter doing snowplough stuff and all. The teacher was good but there we just too many like fantasy stories about why you do this and that and goofy shit. For example you often lean down to touch your boot to get your turn right as you learn, but I don’t need some bullshit story of snowbeetles and how you’re brushing them away.
There were quite a lot of people and people bombing down the slope.
Anyway let me tell you about this great run by me, because I did do a snowball impression quite a few times mainly because I take it to aggressively going for tight turns. Like I went first and it felt great speed, carve all that stuff then a turn went and down.
Anywho this run so the guy and I spoke about using the whole slope wall to wall, I cut across the slope this kid popped up out of nowhere and I had to slow quick, then cutting round the edge of the netting (one one side they had some freestyle stuff so I was carving round them) we thought there’d be some nice snow as the middle was all ice really. But it was just an ice flow so I held this super cool carve around the ice, I’m sure it looked impressive. Lots of speed and control. Still though I need to be a lot lot lot lot better.
The guy said I can move onto the next and last level of lessons, also apparently Tuesday is a good day to do the lesson as it’s very quiet, I don’t think I can get this Tuesday off plus having no cash, or the next Tuesday or anything it looks like the next time would be my week off (if that’s been signed off) or the Wednesday after. But I’ve just gotten an email from them and I can get the lesson for £68 but I need to book it by Monday. I’d rather ski as soon as and in fact I’m thinking about getting a day lift pass for the week I’m off so I can get some private practice in.
But yea I need to see if I can (cash wise book it) and the time off waiting to the end of March feels like the stuff I’ve learnt will be lost so :( but yea that’s why I’ll do the day pass thing.
The thing is I want to get good at it, get some skills and get it all done right.


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