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there is a small annoyance that I need to put somewhere cause I don’t want to carry it any more. As all the craziness has and still is revealing itself there are things the ex did that just annoy me. Because of his mental illness(he does not see it as that) he takes things as he wishes with no regards to what it means to the other person. The example that is running through my head is there was a coin from a childhood memory I had. I had kept it in a box of little treasured memories. I had noticed it out by his things on the computer desk. I had mentioned to him at the time that I had one just like this and told him of my memory. He said there was a place like that near his house too. I thought nothing of it until I was packing, I looked in the little box and it was missing. Why on earth would you take something little like that, it meant nothing to him?!! I suppose someone with no conscious or felt remorse would…


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Hugs love

Sad that he would do that x

julettaskey is exploring the amazing possibilities that lay dormant in my dreams



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When I was in Alaska, my apartment was broken into. The only thing that was taken that I cared about was a watch that had been my grandfather’s. It wasn’t a valuable nor expensive watch. It was the knowledge of it having once belonged to my then deceased Grandfather that made it valuable to me.

I’m sorry that your coin was taken, but he wasn’t able to steal your memory of it, just as my thieves didn’t steal the memory of my grandfather.

Hugs and much love, my friend.

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the taking is not what is intended; more that having it meant he would remain close to you in your special memory of that item.
((((((((HUGS J))))))))

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