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teachocolateandbooks aka winebreadandiPad

get rid of all my clutter (read all 41 entries…)
To do

Sort through paperwork.
Make a scrapbook/file of magazine pages and ephemera I want to keep.
Go through my wardrobe and shoe cupboard: mend, clean, iron, keep & wear or donate.
Sort through the kitchen drawers.
Go through crafting drawers: organize, use or donate.
Call removal for old furniture.
Find a buyer for the leather sofas.
Help my co-dweller sell his collectibles.
Sell or Freecycle shoes that don’t fit.
Go through cupboards and add anything we haven’t used for two years to the donation pile.
Go through books, re-read, read, keep or donate.
Sell my collectibles.
Donate my gift-wrapping stash.
Write more letters and cards.
Take stationery and office supplies o work.
Organize work materials into binders.
Organize tools and spare parts box.
Get rid of old carpet on the balcony.
Go through earthquake pantry, eat old stuff and renew.
Go through my accessories.
Sell or donate various electronics.
Repair and dry clean coats.
Throw away ancient cosmetics.
Go through housecleaning products, give away or use.
Pack up kid’s stuff and unopened household goods and send to charity.


The Hermit Be the change you want to see in the world

Same here

I have a similar list of things to do. Good luck with it!

teachocolateandbooks aka winebreadandiPad

Thank you!


It is overwhelming indeed. Hard to know where to start…!

teachocolateandbooks has gotten 2 cheers on this entry.


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