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TheAura 47

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Story Time!

Oooh! Story time! :D
I thought I’d add mine, too. :33 It’s a House of Anubis fanfiction (Nobody judge me! :O)
Just a warning … It’s totally suckish. XD Seriously – I started writing this, like, a little before the school year started, then put it on a very, very long break, and now I’m finally coming back to it. Trust me, I’ve gotten a lot better at writing since the first two chapters were uploaded – and even with all that better I still suck! :O
Anyway: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7365439/1/Realm_of_the_Dead
... It’s an OC story. :33


BarrelRacingQueen Angry!Angry!Angry!

hey i just went to that link. did you write that?

TheAura 47

Hehe, yup. :33 Did you like it? :D

starsister2 Is enjoying summer vacation!


that is so awesome! why would people judge you? ITS AWESOME!!!!!!! I love that show… it is the BEST EVER!!!! awesome fanfiction!

TheAura 47

OHMYANUBIS!!!!!!!! 8DDD I DO TOOO!!!!!!!!!! 8DDDDD

Hahaha, I dunno! XD Thank you so much!! 8DD IKR I JUST SAY TONIGHT’S EPISODE!!!!!! EEEEEKK!!! 8DDDD Thank you so much! :333 =DDD And just for you, my fellow Anubis…an. Anubisan, the Eye of Horus! :O
v Dun, dun, dun! :OO XDD

starsister2 Is enjoying summer vacation!

I just found out who the collector is...

8-0 WHAT??? i dont wanna ruin it for anyone who didnt see that, or for some reason missed it, but it was not at ALL who I thought it was! I’m still so shocked. AHHHH! and House of Anubis is AWESOME!!!!

TheAura 47

It's ... it's ... IT'S ***** ****!!!!! :OOO (starred out for all those who missed it xXD)

Me neither! I thought it was Jerome’s dad, but … apparently not!! :O It SOO ISS!!!!! =DDD EEE!! 8DD I can’t wait till tomorrow!!!! :DDD

(This comment was deleted.)
(This comment was deleted.)

TheAura 47

Hehe, thanks! :D Ooooh, you have to see it!! RIGHT NOW!!! 8DDDD YUS, I DOO!! =DDDD AND YOU WILL TOO AFTER YOU SEE TODAY’S EPISODE!!! 8DDDD EEEKK!!! You gotta see it, Starsis!! 8333

(This comment was deleted.)

TheAura 47

IKR? 8DDD House of Anubis is AMAZING!!! 8DD


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