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become a neko (read all 3 entries…)

I always wanted to become a neko really bad but i dont know how to make my own spell can someone help me make one?


NekoWerewolf You can hurt me. But if you hurt me enough, I WILL find you.

read keno

keno14 Voellerei Geiz Neid Traegheit Hochmut Wellust Zorn

Yeah, its my entry thats about three or four down frm this one. The super long one. Cant miss it.

(This comment was deleted.)

im only 13 years old and i cant get those stones without my parents getting suspicious

\\Dizzy-Dreamer-14// I'm so tired...


Just tell them you have a sudden intrest in stones and are starting your own collection of spesific stones. Hope the exsuse works on your mum and dad.

thanks for the advice

the same with me or candles without them wanting to know what they are for


I want to:
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