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be awesome at my new job (read all 35 entries…)
I am not above bribery.

One of my choirs in particular has found my last nerve and is jumping up and down on it with both feet. I’m frustrated, I get the feeling they’re frustrated (although I don’t know WHY because all this would go much smoother if they would just QUIT TALKING FOR FIVE MINUTES).

Having them as my first class makes me not want to get out of bed in the morning. It doesn’t help that the Man is always sleepy and warm and hasn’t gotten up before me in almost 6 months, so I’m resentful that he gets to stay in the snuggly bed and I have to drag my ass out to the car and drive for 45 minutes.

So tomorrow I am bringing them cupcakes. It is Friday, and they will probably be next to useless anyway, so very little singing will be done – instead, we listen to music for next year’s set and organize our winter show folders to return, and generally enjoy(?) each other’s company.

NOT looking forward to the next two weeks, where I bite my nails and get (more) gray hair while waiting to hear if I’m being RIF’d or not. March 15 is the magic day – if they haven’t done it by then, that shiz is illegal.

I briefly contemplated changing this goal to “survive my first year at my new job,” because that’s really what it feel likes right now. But somehow, that doesn’t feel nearly as inspiring as “be awesome”. I suppose if I shoot for awesome and fall short, I can still come up competent – which should be really what’s important.


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