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get a hobby
what to do?

I would love to have a hobby, that I would look forward to and that would bring me a joy.

My hobby should:
- be creative;
- make me do some manual work;
- connect me with a people;
- be transferable;

I´ve got a plenty of a short term hobbies since childhood. Most of them are already forgotten, but I´ll try to analyze, what did I like about them and whether I should continue in it again.

My “use-to-have” hobbies:
- playing piano – not a big success,I quit after two years and i still regret that :( Last year I bought a flexible piano, but I do not practice at all and probably I´ve forgotten even how to play Twinkle, twinkle little star…
- aquarium – I used to have aquarium with fish and turtles since childhood. I didn´t have a time for it during the university studies and had to give it away. I started this hobby again one year ago – and it makes me happy;
- collecting whatever – oh, I loved collecting when I was a child! I was collecting postcards, napkins, coins, cards, chewing-gum comics… Now I´m still a collector, but most of all I´m “collecting” books :)
- go fishing – well, my father use to make me go fishing with him when I was a child… I considered it really boring. Now I try to go with him fishing at least once a year and it is a great relax – because all I have to do is sit near the water and relax :)
- crocheting – I use to do this when I was a child, but now, when everything can be bought I just don´t know why to do it…I crocheted some small presents for my friends, but now I have no plan what to do..
- travelling? oh I love that a lot, but is it a hobby?
- watching series and movies? – I do that very often..
- surfing internet? :)

I know… what about cooking? or baking? or stain glassing?


Spatz .☆.☆.What a wonderful life.☆.☆.

I'd think

that reading books and travelling are very nice hobbies.
And TV series and surfing the internet count in my book :)

But I’m also looking for a hobby beside those things.
I’m gonna try knitting, if my knit kit arrives some time in the future…

Glass staining sounds interesting, but I think I’ll pass :D

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