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icestorm112 is building his life

stop masturbating (read all 150 entries…)
Day 2 cleaning my mind

i have to stop watching porn

and i need to clean my mind from all those images that stacked in my head

also I’m living now in a new city which there is a lot of temptations in the streets

it’s so hard for me to get on with it


apprenticer Keep Moving Forward!

Hey dude! You got the right mindset already, so just follow through.

I don’t know if there’s a way to permanently delete images in your mind that you have already engraved countless of times. It IS possible to shove them aside and replace them with new memories. What I sometimes do is imagine myself literally pushing the the images out of mind slowly. Maybe that can help whenever you feel like they’re overcoming you. Take a deep breath, and slowly “shove” the image out of your mind. I even do a pushing motion to the side with my outstretched hands to really imagine it. It sounds silly, but try it! It may help. =)

Don’t give up! You can do it buddy! =]


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