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\\Dizzy-Dreamer-14// I'm so tired...

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Ok people, here is my report. I’ve made a spell and am going to try it out on the full moon of this 8th and see how that turns out. I’ll get back to you on how that works out and probably post evey little thing that happens. :P Sorry if that bugs you.


NekoWerewolf You can hurt me. But if you hurt me enough, I WILL find you.

good idea! idk if what i wrote was a full report, but i sure hope urs does good. i will also report any weird and unusual things that happen after the spell i do on the full moon

\\Dizzy-Dreamer-14// I'm so tired...

Yay! We can be spell reporting buddies! :D lol

I also made a spell and am going to try it on the full moon :)

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