Put more time and effort into friendships old and new :) (read all 2 entries…)
I tried to see more of my friends before going away

And I ended up having to prioritise which ones to see and when I could see them which was quite interesting. I think I fitted everyone that I could see in including one friend that I had been really bad about seeing all year and had been missing/feeling guilty about, it turned out fine in the end and I am pleased to say that the frienship is still intact.

I also had a leaving party which quite a few people came to which was really nice, my good friends don’t all know each other as I tend to pick up friends from different parts of my life and maintain them on a fairly individual basis rather than as a group. I was a bit worried before hand but everyone got on really well and remarked what nice friends I have which was really pleasing. There were a few absences, but I found that actually all the ones I expected to not come didn’t make it so there were no great disappointments there. I was firm with my more ‘flakey’ friends that the only time I could see them was at this party although I made a mistake with one friend who is going through a hard time and didn’t feel she could come, I said we’d meet up another time although I suspected that really I didn’t have time to and of course we didn’t manage it. I feel bad about that and must remember not to overcommit in the future. I think she understands though.

Now I’m away from home I’m going to make more of an effort to write/email/call etc… And of course I need to make some new friends.


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