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be a domestic goddess
"Why are you always cleaning?"

Recently I’ve been getting comments from people about the amount of cleaning of the house i’m doing and it’s made me realize that the amount of cleaning i do daily is excessive and is actually detrimental to important aspects of my life such as my marriage and that I need to slow down. My mother, upon coming to stay with us for a few days observed that I am putting way too much of my time and effort into cleaning and ignoring other important aspects of life. She pointed out that whenever my husband comes home from work I am always cleaning, she pointed out that all I do is moan about the housework, she pointed out that i’m not making any time for myself etc etc. She even said at one point that she went out because she was fed up of seeing me doing housework whilst moaning about it. Furthermore my husband has made a lot of comments about it recently and keeps telling me to “give it a rest”, to which I have replied “but look at the house” and he’s said “the house is clean”. Anyway today when I realized that i’d left my baby with my mother for the whole of the morning and part of the afternoon and missed two prayers during this time because I’d been cleaning all that time, I realized that people around me are right. My priorities are totally wrong, yes having a clean house is important to me and also my husband, but I am getting carried away, it needs to be clean not absolutely pristine as I am trying to do. I certainly cannot carry on as I have been. Everyday I feel stressed because I feel as if i’ve got too much cleaning to do and everyday I never complete all the cleaning that I want to do that day and every day I’m moaning about all the cleaning, and the fact is that I dont even have to do anywhere near as much cleaning as im actually doing! Anyway, starting from now i’m getting my priorities into order – my son, my husband, my social life, taking care of myself etc come before having a clean house. I dont need to do so much cleaning, I can do less and still have a well kept house and have much more time for other things which are a lot more important!


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