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Iris's Year and a Day Trianing- Day 2

Not too many people know anything about Wicca, which is probably why it seems so mysterious to people. Let’s start with some common misconceptions:
-Wiccans are Satanists: False. This rumor was started by Christians who mistook the Wiccan Pentacle for the Satanist Pentacle (which I will eloborate later) and who confused their image of Satan with the Horned God (again, I will elaborate later).
-Wiccans hold human and animal sacrifices: False. In preChristian times, during harsh times a person from a tribe would volunteer or be chosen as a sacrifice to please the Gods. This person was well fed, treated like royalty, and held with high honor leading up to the sacrifice. It was viewed as an important job because it was believed that this selfless act would save the entire tribe. Today, due to both Wiccan and American law, human and animal sacrifices no longer exists, though sacrifices are made in other ways.
-A Wiccan’s purpose is to curse others and bring misfortune: False. It is against Wiccan beliefs to harm others, but there is controversy over whether this includes physical, mental, and/or emotional. We also believe in karma.
Now that we know what Wicca isn’t, let’s discover what Wicca IS. Wicca was created by Gerard Gardener in the 1950’s and is a combination of celtic paganism and Druidism, faiths that predate Christianity which is why it is referred to as the Old Religion. Wicca respects the Earth and it’s Wisdom and believe in a God and a Goddess, though we hold the Goddess in slightly higher respect than the God (some covens only worship the Goddess). Wiccans believe in a balance of constructive and destructive (instead of good and evil), has 8 holidays honoring the seasonal changes called Sabbats (Sah-bats or Sah-bots), 12/13 holidays honoring the Full/New Moons of the year, and believe use magick to better out lives and the lives of others. As we go further along this journey we will learn more about the beliefs in depth.
In your Book of Mirrors (BOM) I want you to write down what you thought Wiccans were before this entry, what do you think of the beliefs, and how these beliefs would effect your life. Are these effects positive or negative?



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