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Spyrunner I'm back

go on a shopping spree (read all 6 entries…)
I bought

myself some snowshoes. We had so little snow that I’ve only taken them out once to try them out. I was able to walk up a step snowy hill, and I crossed a tiny stream. I’m quite happy with them.

I’m currently pricing bikes. I want a very comfortable bike that can travel on gravel bike paths.

DW and I are considering getting a top of the line dehydrator. Our current one requires much babysitting. Dehydrated food would make camping and backpacking easier.


AFrayedKnot Insert witty remark here

Bike comfort

is all about proper fit. Even a 1/4 inch off here and there can cause all kinds of merry hell with your alignment. Two years ago my husband bought me a custom-fitted bike for my birthday and it revolutionized my cycling world.

joie de vivre I'm back now

What AFrayedKnot said is SO true

If comfort is a goal…

If you buy a bike at *mart, there’s usually only one size, and no one to adjust it. This makes as much sense as a store carrying one size of shoes. And you buying those shoes, and hoping that you won’t get blisters. You should buy a bike from a bike shop that will help you fit the bike to your body. If they give you any sort of unhappiness (some bike shops can be snobby), find another one that’s nicer to you and understands what you want.

I’m always amazed at how small adjustments to one’s bike’s geometry can make a world of difference in terms of comfort. Your body and bike are a system. For example, having the nose of your saddle tilt a little bit forward causes you maybe to prop your upper body up with your arms, and then your fingers go numb. You think it’s something with your handlebars, but it’s really your saddle adjustment.

Some times people buy really squishy saddle because their crotch gets sore or numb. You don’t want an ass hatchet, but you also don’t want a sofa cushion. Having a saddle that’s too squishy means that the gel gets squished over to the wrong parts of your heinie, causing further numbness or pain. Instead, you need a saddle that supports your sitz bones. The saddle nose is important to steering and balance, even if you aren’t aware of it, so don’t buy a noseless saddle. Instead, you need a firm saddle that supports your sitz bones. If it has a slit or depression down the middle for squishy bits to go, that’s OK.

Where you need to invest for bike comfort, beyond the bike itself and the fit: where your body contacts the bike. Quality bike shorts (no underpants) gives you a longer time in the saddle. Bike gloves improves hand comfort. And god, I believe so strongly in wool socks, even in the summer, to keep feet cushioned but ventilated. Without ventilated and cushioned feet, I get “hot foot”, which is no fun.

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Spyrunner I'm back

Thank you

for your suggestion.

This is a really detailed, specifically tailored reply for spam.

Sessygail Is having her best year yet.


What are we coming to. Now the spammers are disguising themselves as interested in our goals and comments. This guy is out there spamming spammers. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

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