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Karon's Summary of King Arthur

First is the sword that Arthur drew out of the stone in the churchyard. The sword was placed in the stone by Merlin, and was left as a trial to determine the High King of Britain. Arthur drew the sword out of the stone when his cousin needed one, for it was the only sword he could see, he was but a boy at the time. Anyway, Arthur was eventually crowned High King, and carried that sword into battle many times. When it broke, he was presented with Excalibur by the Lady of the Lake, this Lake being on the Isle of Avalon. He also received a magical scabbard which would protect him from harm. Excalibur was most likely forged by dragons due to its potent magic. The Lady of the Lake appears again, at the end of Arthur’s life. Arthur ordered Bedevere, one of his most loyal knights, to take Excalibur, and throw it into the Lake of Avalon. It took him three tries to do so. When he came to the Lake the third time, and he finally threw it in, the Lady of the Lake caught the sword, and took it down below the surface. Arthur had been mortally wounded by Mordred, Arthur’s son by Morgan Le Fay, his sister. Arthur killed Mordred after, though. Arthur was taken away by seven ladies on a black barge away from that place, to Avalon, where it is said he lives even now.

[How did him and Merlin meet?]
Merlin was present when Arthur was born. Arthur’s mother, Egraine, died in childbirth, and I cannot remember how his father, Uther Pendragon, died. But anyway, Arthur was taken in by his Uncle, and worked in the palace. When Arthur was a young boy, perhaps 8 or so,
Merlin arrived. He took it upon himself to teach young Arthur. I reckon Merlin was a dragon in disguise. It would explain all his most wonderful magic such as shapeshifting.


PrincessMythos Who do you ask when no one really knows: Where are we going from here?


infernoprince is trying to keep himself under control

Why do I get the feeling that Lara was the lady in the lake

infernoprince is trying to keep himself under control

I looked at a picture entitled authers last sleep there are egoght women around him

Well, it was definately seven black ladies who took Arthur away. By the way, I forgot to mention that they can also shapeshift into black swans.

YellowChalk Eliminating the lies.

Lol wtf? Since hwhen was Merlin a dragon?


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