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Deus Solous Astale de Faye May we never forget~

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Don't worry, this is a short entry...

Some of you might remember Aqua’s recent entry about this, I’m surprised no one really seemed to listen- then again, I’m not all that surprised… Anyway, the whole point of this goal was to reunite a family, yes? Well, here we are, all thirteen are here… So, where’s the family part? Going from the viewpoint of what I would consider a family, this just does not seem like one… Really, it’s a bunch of half-random people with assigned positions. Sad to say, but I find that quite true. You can go on saying that this is a family, but it ultimately comes down to… Do you even know your own family members…truly know them…at all?


~Indigo Leighstra~ We can only ever be ourselves.~

I agree! Man the only people I really know for sure is Rin-rin, Eternal, and possibly Aqua and Karon….the rest of you are….well….I don’t know you all for sure…. o.o

infernoprince is trying to keep himself under control

I no yume lara and abit about laurina

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Deus Solous Astale de Faye May we never forget~

No, not on here, only Chatzy… And no last names or sensitive personal information…

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(This comment was deleted.)

:D Well put!

Glad that the whole family is back together…bit upset that I missed that…but it’s upsetting that you’re not all so close…:(

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