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Gobolino On a way to better...

Make birthday gift for Sandra (read all 4 entries…)

Finally I did it, book has been assembled, cover has made (by one of dance girls, she done amazing job) and it has been sent to Sandra, hopefully he will get it in March 14th, but well that`s not a big matter.

In the end, cover was made by Sigita, completely different than I was imagined, it is heavily photoshopped photograph (made artistically off course), in the picture there is 14 pencils and three paper pages, and on one of them there is little Latvian folklore star Auseklītis.

In the end book is heavy 2,3kg, made with heavy, soft fake leather in nice green font and texture, I was amazed about it, I was imagined something much, much simpler, but this is way better than intended.

I decided to send book trough mail mostly because I want it as surprise and if I would use courier or other methods, surprise moment would me much less because I would had to tell what I have done before she gets her present. I know that she hates surprises, but well, I like them and sometimes you must go with flow…

In the rush and hurry to get things done I forgot to take picture of book, so, well use imagination.



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