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Rethinking EMT license

I’ve been thinking about it a lot, did some research, talked to my friend who is taking the class. I’m not sure if it’s a good match for me, unfortunately. I would love to do it if only 1) Tuition expenses were not an issue 2) I would be able to get an EMT job straight out of the course. None of those are true. Essentially, I would have to take an additional 2k in loans to pay for the class and then live at home after graduating college (!) while I ‘volunteer’ my time somewhere, because I will not have the experience to get a paying job. This is where my philosophy about careers come in.. people can do well at any job, granted that certain circumstances line up (ex: preference for flexibility/rigidity in the schedule, how important is being ‘helpful’ to people, etc). For my gap job, I would prefer something contract-based, I don’t care how low paying as long as it’s full time and minimum wage, and with a set schedule. So now I’m thinking more about the statistic jobs and maybe being a lab tech. My research partner seems to be warming up to me, so maybe I can do the networking thing that I’m not so great at, somehow.. In any case, I’m still planning on getting CPR certified, so I’ll still have some kind of qualification to show to the corps.


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Not sure....

Have you ever checked out anericorps.gov? It is sometime referred to as the domestic Peace Corps and provides a one year contract opportunity that may appeal to you. Good luck in whatever you choose;)

Unfortunately AmeriCorps requires citizenship, I’ve already looked into it. But thank you! I’m set on joining the Peace Corps, but not necessarily getting an EMT license, in case that was confusing.

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