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How I started

It has been my dream for over a decade already and suddenly two months ago the thought struck me ┬┤Why not to start right now?’. I found the best school in Kiev and started attending group lessons twice a week.
And I like the process so much! This language is amazing! Even bad words sound so beautifully in it! By now among other things I can describe myself in Spanish, have a small talk with a stranger asking all the simplest questions and I can count from 0 to 1000 fast! Not bad, I think. It’s funny but while studying Spanish I often translate new words to English first and than to Russian or Ukrainian. It ’s also easier for me to remember new words by connecting them with English analogs. Maybe it’s always so when you study more than one foreign language.
Reading books, watching films and listening Spanish songs help to broaden passive vocabulary fast. There is also a good resource on BBC http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/spanish/


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