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March 20, 2012

I didn’t do any planting or gardening of any kind. I just relaxed by walking in the park and looking at all the little green things growing. I was surprised on how many little bushes looked full with foliage, as so many of them had tons of little leaves growing on them.

I found this lovely rock, that had moss growing on it, that I took it home. I love moss and any little plant that will grow on a rock, because I love plants and I doubly love rocks! I thought that rock would do lovely in my yard with my growing plants. I called it my First Day of Spring Stone.

I didn’t check my seeds as I kind of make it a morning routine but when I got home from taking my long walk at the park, but I did in enjoy my plants that are growing and blooming. Two of my pink hyacinths were blooming as well as more of Johnny Jump Ups were. There was one that had a lovely white little face on its purple bloom.

I can’t wait until to see wait to see what my little sleeping seedlings are doing. Are they waking up and sprouting yet?

Photograph: I picture of my First Day of Spring Stone. Taken March 20, 2012


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