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Saraband savouring the simple things

Take a pilates class
I never imagined

.. myself doing this. I am not really a pack animal; the notion of classes was forbidding and I’m way too self-conscious! It’s thanks to some new friends here in the village that I’ve been gently coaxed into giving it a try.

I’ve just been to my second class and remarkably, I’m enjoying it! There’s so much I can’t do of course, but that means lots to aim for. If I simply discover my stomach muscles it will be an achievement ;)


JWillow waiting for the fog to lift


Glad you’re doing this Saraband…..and even more glad to see you back here!

Once upon a time…I went to a regular Pilates Class & it was the best thing I ever did. Keep telling myself to get back to it but….you know how it goes

grandmonster What a great life I have!

Ohh, SaraB

I’m so delighted to see you are back on 43T.

I take Jazzercise classes now and we do a little bit of pilates, yoga, aerobic dancing (of course) and weight training. I’ve almost always been a lone exerciser and I love the women & men who exercise with me now. We often meet at other times, besides in classes.

I know that you will get a workout with pilates even when just being a beginner.

Saraband savouring the simple things

It's lovely

to hear from you Grandmonster :)

I do hope to keep up properly again here now, albeit in short bursts.

The classes are going well so far. I’m really enjoying them and I’ve noticed little improvements which is encouraging.

(I agree with your status by the way – it certainly has proved to be a great year so far. And flying past!)

grandmonster What a great life I have!

I always love

your posts. I think you are whom I aspire to be.

I too, only do short bursts here on 43T. I spend about 20-30 minutes on weekdays and then every few weeks I spend 1-2 hours. The rest of the time I’m working on those goals I so stupidly wrote down in January.

We’ve had two months of incredible weather. First, we had several weeks of very warm weather, even hitting 90 degrees F. in March (which is very unusual), then, we had 3 weeks of cooler weather staying in the 30’s to 50’s. I’ve seen several tornados, rainstorms and bright shiny days. The great news is that I’m actually getting out into the garden before we attract the 90 degree weather for months on end.

So, SaraB how does your garden grow?

Saraband savouring the simple things


.. what a lovely thing to say – thank you.

I am going to try to be disciplined as you are and have brief but regular visits here. It’s so easy for me to lose hours on this site if I’m not careful.

Your weather sounds like a more extreme (much more extreme) version of ours this year. We had a lovely spell from late Feb through March and now April is wet wet wet.

The garden….. It’s making progress! Last year I did almost nothing but this year I’m really going to make a difference. In fact, inspired by you and Francie2011’s posts I shall try to start posting on what I’m doing…

grandmonster What a great life I have!


has a gorgeous garden.

You are a lovely person and deserve to be told so. I don’t think I’m so disciplined as much as driven (at times). I get lost in books and can easily lose all sense of time. If I didn’t make daily goals I would get nothing done.

I’ve seen extreme weather this season and I’m hoping we don’t get too much rain when all the horses come to visit in eleven days. The Kentucky Derby is raced about 5 miles from where I live. It’s a big party for about 3 weeks, starting with a very large fireworks display and air show and ending with the horserace.

There are a lot of silly races during the 3 weeks: waiters running while balancing a glass of wine on a tray (the run for the rose`); the Diaper Derby which are 3-year olds with stick horses; the Great Balloon Race; Bedlam in the Streets (teams racing beds on wheels) and the Great Steamboat Race which has at least 2 steam driven boats race down the Ohio River very slowly to name some. My personal favorite is the Run for the Rodents ~ yes, it is a rat race. Keep fingers crossed that we’ll be able to have all our silly events without too much bad weather.

Maggief927 loves the power of post it notes.

Pilates class at home

I bought myself a dvd for basic pilates. I was going to join the class at Life Time Fitness until I saw how advanced they all were. I think I would have ruined the class for the rest of them. I am glad that you finding the class enjoyable. I am looking for my stomach muscles also.

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