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The Republican Party's War on Women

Click the above for the video. Or you can contribute to get this ad on the air:


You may also hear about the Republican Party’s attempt to say Obama is against women. Here is one opinion about the Republican Party’s attempt:



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I noticed that the two sponsored links that come up on this entry page were under the headings (1) Official GOP Site; and (2) Overturn Obamacare.

And then after I clicked your link & then returned, there was only one sponsored link left: Official GOP Site.

I'm not 100% sure how sponsored links work

with Google, but it is possible to buy sponsored links to appear associated with keywords. Since the Republican Party was mentioned in this page, it’s likely Google used that as one of the keywords in order to associate with a paid sponsored link…

One would think it would be possible to distinguish positive comments for the Republican Party vs negative comments for the Republican Party and then display more appropriate sponsored links… but perhaps on the Democratic side, they are a bit more frugal with advertising costs…

It could also be that sponsored links are paid for a certain period… It is odd though that just pretty much by refreshing the screen, one of them would disappear. I get a different second one than you mentioned… but it also alternates between appearing or not… Not sure if this is really intentional.

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