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become a werewolf
You guys arn't wolves!

You guys ae NOT wolves

You can’t shapeshift into a wolf, or any other animal

You WOULDN’T like to be a wolf!

Wolves CAN’T use the computer also, so you couldn’t POSSIBLY be a wolf.

So quit saying you can shapeshift, or saying ‘i’m a woof insiubvugvde giz! i cabn trangfurm intggho a woof! mah spiurt animul iz a woof! i haf a pet woofjmhv,hgcdrtykdcfhj!’


A4Aurastys Because still, my aspirations are different. . .


I can see another person in the world that lacks the inteligence to give us medical or spiritual arguments why can’t we do so. I understand that asking you to be tolerant is a bit too much, so i will just say that WE are responsable for what we choose to believe.
In any way it does not affect you, so, you could show that the world hasn’t completeley degenerated in moral standards.
I think you may find things we do to atleast be interesting, i know that sometimes this place lacks rationa, but understand that there are always the ones that seem to drag our goal down and the ones that keep it up, i have been here for a long time, so i understand that some people lack inteligence on this subject it’s not all about turning to a wolf, it’s more about seeking equilibrium in a system we can all agree to call “Life”, people here seek the balance between their spiritual and physical form and understanding of the societey that surrounds us, not all of us chase fairytales of becoming something of a hybrid between a man and their spirit. So please understand, that what we do is upon our own will, we do not need strangers comming and saying we can’t atchieve something, im shure that you are not informed with “Therianthropy” at all, some of us here seek a mere balance between our physical shelf and the metaphysical form … Im shure you do not know about the multiverse theory, so im not going to burden you with that, not now atleast, im saying that the things people here do, do not require your negative feedback, be tolerant and understand that there is no one the same, what you may find stupid and pointless we may find our life goal, even if it’s a simple thing like seeking balance in life and lifestyle, or understanding yourself beyond the average human, this world has made people like us dull, yet a man who feels he is not complete, may still try to fill out the emptyness that our world scoops out a part of us … Yet there are verry little of the ones that understand, so be tolerant and either help us with our goal or just be on your way, since we do not interfere with your life resolutions …
Be tolerant, less ignorant and live a full life, because you have the right, because you CAN !
Now, i think i shouldn’t feed the troll anymore …

I do have a life (not to be rude or anything)

Anyways, if you guys are just roleplaying PLEASE tell me, becuase if you are just roleplaying than I wont troll and just remove this entry ;P

(This comment was deleted.)

wow. ur an idiot. srry to be so blunt but you are. when somebody is capable of shapeshifting they can shift from human to wolf and back. we dont stay as wolves. we can still be human so yes we can use computers as humans, but we cant as wolves. we wouldnt shift into a wolf and then try to go onto the computer.

also dude you need to work on ur spelling and typing on a computer. “even the wolves can type better than you and we dont even have thumbs”

I’m open to possiblities, but really, shapshifting is a fantasy XD

And that last part was an example of what some people are ACTUALLY spell like.

Also, somebody that use “ur” instead of “your” shouldn’t be insulting someone elses grammar

that is an abreviated version, its shorthand for texting or typing on the computer. your typing was all jumbled together.

AmiWolf Is feeling empty....

Again, I’m just gonna put this out there. I am Christian, and so I believe what the Christian bible says. The Christian bible DOES talk about magic(but it states it’s bad, so I don’t use it), obviously, it states the existence of demons-which would result in some inhuman product if something ever happened…, and revelations speaks a TON about non-human things. I’m just saying, I believe the Christian bible shows me lots of things, INCLUDING supernatural things/events. That is why I believe what I believe.

Okay, okay.

Now I’ll be leavin’ ;P

NekoWerewolf You can hurt me. But if you hurt me enough, I WILL find you.


back to old self: ya stfu

lexspirita126 Where is that true love I found going back there?

Am I the only one intrigue about the fact that this guy(Strole) has completely lost it??? And btw take Neko’s advice PLEASE Stfu?!!? I think that would be the wisest thing for you to do for yourself right now… Considering that you’re talking to werewolves/shifters and insulting them with your stupid, joke entry on this goal…. Remember???

NekoWerewolf You can hurt me. But if you hurt me enough, I WILL find you.

yay for me! XD

mermaidkatie vampirekatiewerewolfkatie is a vampire and werewolf soon to be avian and neko and mermaid

Shapeshifting is real dude 0-0

Soo back off (growls)

lexspirita126 Where is that true love I found going back there?

Thanks for pointing that out to this guy, katie
Growls with

Some just dont get it…Why do they even post stuff like this if you dont believe you shouldnt have been adding this gOal.

XD here we go again…


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