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What fun I had last night!

March 22, 2012

I found this lovely website, WWW.gmajormusictheory.org, which has lessons in Music theory. I printed out the first and second chapter. The first chapter is Pathways to Harmony, Chapter 1. The Keyboard and Treble Clef. It has little exercises in the back of very little lesson in the chapter. I love it!

I learned so much in 15 minutes then I learned in years. It is true. I need to know the background of music theory to understand how to write music. I was so surprised that I learned the notes on the staff so quickly. I think it is because some of it was from what I had learned when I was in high school and just forgotten, because I wasn’t using it.

I really had fun with it. I had to name the notes on the staff to the song London Bridge, as well as I had to take a little test called write a familiar song. It was Jingle Bells. They told me the notes and if they were quarter notes of half notes. I didn’t write them in, as I am still learning the meaning of quarter notes and half notes. But I knew where on the staff they went! I knew where the C note went as well as the G note. That is really a big step for me.

I am planning on getting a small cheap keyboard, in order to work learning the notes on a keyboard, as it is shown at the beginning of the lesson. A lot of that I remembered from being in school.

You can’t imagine how excited I was about learning this stuff. It is starting to make sense to me! Now, only if I could apply what I am learning to playing my guitar, I might be able to write my own song on my guitar someday.

I am so very positive that this goal is moving forward nicely! I am taking it slowly and going over what I learned the day before, in order to cement it in my head well.



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