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ggaar is finally teaching abroad and being reunited with his soul mate.

Reach my Kickstarter goal of $4500 for Lexicons of Dueling. (read all 2 entries…)
WE DID IT! Not only did we reach our goal, we blew it out of the water.

For a while we plateaued at a little over $2,000. I was worried that we wouldn’t make it in time. With hard work, lots of phone calls, word of mouth, demos and pushing people who were interested but didn’t realize that there would be nothing without the goal being reached, we made it. Not only did we make it, we are over our goal by $800! Still 16 days left till our deadline. With people seeing the game is funded, more will now donate, realizing they will get something out of donating! It was hard work, lots of number crunching and lots of driving and pushing our hard work, showing people we have something special! EXCELSIOR! EVER ONWARD AND UPWARDS!



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