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Hello Spring Hike

I decided yesterday that I would give hiking a try this morning. When the morning arrived, I did not feel well at all. It feels as though my ear is infected again.

Anyway, I decided to just take Becca & Elbee out for an easy hike and see how that went. We hit the trail just as the sunrise was starting, a beautiful soft pink sunrise. Nearly all of the two feet of snow that feel last Sunday is gone, and the trails weren’t too muddy (although that will probably change as the day warms).

It felt good to be out in the cold air. I know the dogs were thrilled – it’s been a week since they had a proper hike. I felt better and better as we walked. When we got the fork on the trail where I had planned to take the easier route around, I decided to go for the big uphill push. We climbed to the top of Burnt Ridge, and it felt mostly okay.

It’s nice to see Spring spreading over the landscape. The sage is changing from a dull hibernation gray to a lively green-gray, coyotes yiped in the distance, and the sky was filled with bird chatter.

Back at the car, I took the long way home so I could check out our favorite State Mountain Park and get a sense of what the trail conditions might be like there. We passed by the local wild turkeys, and one of them was spreading his tailfeathers beautifully, something I’ve never seen a wild turkey do.

Total time: 85 minutes. Max heart rate: 147. Average heart rate: 110. Total calories: 927.


I was

there, given your description. What a beautiful hike for all.

wren You'll not see nothing like the mighty wren!


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