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How Can I Find Happiness?

www.mormon.org/plan-of-salvation     Mormons believe happiness comes by following God's plan. Read more

identify 100 things that make me happy.
100 Things That Make Me Happy Starter List

1. Going Out
2. Celebrating Holidays
3. The Work I’m Doing On My Magazine
4. The Difference I’m Making With My Magazine
5. Travel
6. Socializing
7. Networking
8. Design
9. Checking Things Off My To Do List
10. Making People Smile and/or Laugh
11. Making New Friends
12. Talking On The Phone
13. I’m triscaidecaphobic so I’m not answering this one
14. Being With My Extended Family
15. Receiving Compliments
16. Shopping!
17. New Underwear
18. Learning Something New
19. Accomplishing My Goals
20. Having A Sense of Purpose in Life
21. Being Able To Write Things That Touch People
22. Being Outdoors
23. Hiking
24. Bar Harbor Main
25. Deep Conversations

There! That’s 25% done, and it wasn’t even that hard!


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