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I am creating bit by bit.

March 27, 2012

Creating a more positive area in my home, as well as in my life.

I have been really going to town with cleaning around my home. I have been focusing on how I can “create” a more happy home, in what I see around me and what I do.

I know that the first step with living a happier life, usually starts right around where you live: Your home.

So I have been getting rid of junk that holds me back from having a happier life. And living it open more to “create” things.

I am setting up my library as my creation room. A room in which I can relax and create what ever comes in to my mind: novels, poems, collages, quilts (as my sewing machine is in there) I hope to hang my inspirational collage that I will be creating over the months.

My first step in “creating” a better home life and living area is going well. Now, I should start thinking about my next “creation” step. LOL


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