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Andi-Roo Brunett-Libecap is contemplating motivation & her lack thereof.

publish a short story (read all 4 entries…)
Did my 750!!!

I now have several POV characters… well okay, “several” is really three or four. There’s a narrator unattached to the story-line, not sure how I’m gonna tie that together since she seems far off in the future respective to the other characters, which currently include a guy who is going to be the reluctant hero, seduced into action by an old flame to save the girl. While the girl has been introduced, that section was from the POV of her caretaker. Have also managed to introduce some background & side characters of whom I’m already quite fond. This story wants to be dark, but gosh it’s fun to write, & I think it’s going to be an interesting read when I get it all put together. Which is going to be a challenge, since everyone is scattered across distance & time at this point. Looking forward to seeing how it all comes together. It’s like I look at this other ME & ask, “What’s next, Andi-Roo?”... & I watch it unfold, almost completely un-involved in the process. I’m at about 2500 words, small beans to some writers, maybe, but seriously inspiring to me, since it’s work to force myself to take time to write. Once I get started I’m fine. It’s the sitting down that I find so difficult. Also, I think I’m afraid to continue. I need to remember to hand over the reigns to that other me. She does so well!!! :)



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