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naughtyminx78 is back to being me :)

Write a will (read all 9 entries…)
I'm not entirely sure....

...whether it’s worth me doing this anymore? I have no assets :(

Originally I wanted to make a will to ensure my daughter would be cared for by my parents if I died. She’s now practically an adult so this wouldn’t be an issue.

If I died now I would want my ex- husband to raise my children, I don’t think I need a will to state that.

Can anyone think of a particular reason I should make one in that case?!


JMoMimzey Will do better in 2014!

Is your ex-husband the children's father?

If not, you should definitely put it in writing.

I am not a lawyer, I am a legal secretary, not in that field at all (I’m in mergers and acquisitions) but I believe if he’s not their father, custody would go to their biological father or other family who steps forward, or even possibly foster care. I would definitely get it in writing!!!! At least consult with an attorney, over the phone, with that question.

naughtyminx78 is back to being me :)

He's the father of the younger two...

...and the eldest is almost 17 and would make her own choices anyway.

Starting to think I might make a will anyway, just to be on the safe side!

JMoMimzey Will do better in 2014!

Good idea

for stuff like this—you probably won’t need it but you never know!

Missa Working Hard, Enjoying Life

You might want it to ensure K's

treatment and designate they youngers’ guardianship if your ex is unable to care for them. Even if you don’t have assets now, you never know. A famous case around here that I use as an example is someone who was killed as a result of police brutality. The estate sued and was awarded millions in a wrongful death suit. The heirs then wasted all the money fighting over who should inherit it:)

Of course, God forbid any of this is necessary. Unfortunately for you, I settle estates for a living…

naughtyminx78 is back to being me :)

Wise advice as always Missa!

I hadn’t really thought about what would happen if my ex wasn’t able to care for them, or if I acquire assets again in the future!

Am toying with the idea of making a video for the children as well as a paper version!

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