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EverydayFairy welcomes spring !

Start horse riding again (read all 7 entries…)
So far so good ;o)

In my case – the quicker decision, the better effect.
I`ve asked on Tuesday, and today I ended up on a huge horse.

First impression – not good. My instructor apparently wasn`t informed that she`ll deal with a total beginner (I can`t say I have any experience after a break that lasted 20 years or so…). She was surprised that I didn`t have a proper outfit and that I know nothing about… anything connected with horses. But somehow we managed to sort it out and I had an hour long introducting lesson:o). My instructor seemed harsh at first, but after a few minutes I got used to her way of being and teaching. And I think THAT king of teacher will be the best for me.
I ended up extremely tired but satisfied and happy. And as soon as I came back to the stable with the horse I was riding, I`ve signed up for a second lesson, next week :o)!


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