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Okay things I have done out of these all...

pilates plus yoga plus jogging done
prayer done
work on the vision board done
water intake 8 glasses done
skype shark done
create accounts saving et rest,except online done.
Become better in dressing up done
writing ideas done
inventing and creating stuff work in progress
learn about spirituality

Still working on it

work on the company advertisement left out
read a software book left
write on the novel left
relationship management
stuff from reinvention

Not done alot or touched

create a resume pending
read one architecture book pending

Things i want to try
song lyric writing
making a doll and the whole house thing
how can spirituality help people,still to go.
singing and putting choreography pieces
learning about music softwares
music logs

I removed the tedious paperwork goal.I think fine tuning goals does for it and can account for it.I don’t need to categorize my whole life.
Lot of my goals overlap each other,but I guess its a good thing,it means I am really only focusing on a few things and working on them extensively.

The goal everyday things bug me,cause I am bad at everyday efforts.But knowing that I won’t give up on them.So here goes :)



I want to:
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